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Rental Properties of America
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How To Qualify

Qualification Requirements

  • INCOME: you make a combined gross income of (3) three times the monthly rent.
  • CREDIT: you have a favorable credit history. (At least one applicant must have credit history.)
  • RENTAL HISTORY: you must have a favorable rental history. See qualifying criteria for complete details.
  • CRIMINAL SCREENING: you have not been convicted of any felonies within the last six years.

Documentation You'll Need

  • Valid government-issued photo identification
  • Social Security or ITIN number or card
  • One current month of full bank statement (detailed version, including transactions) or current investment account (stocks, bonds, or mutual funds) statement
  • For a more detailed list of acceptable documentation, read through our page on Required Documents for Application (Page 5). Additional documents may be requested.

Click the Apply Now button and list the ADDRESS of the home you are interested in and then complete our online application. Once submitted, we’ll review and contact you with the next steps of the leasing process!

There is a non-refundable $50 application fee for each person over 18 applying to lease a home with Rental Properties of America. Any roommate information will be needed as part of the application.

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